As Autumn approaches…

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop we can become less active causing joints stiffness, muscle tension and pain.

It is tempting to simply reach for the painkillers or anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen. If the pain persists we might resign ourselves to a trip to the GP for help. Then we may find ourselves taking time out for x-rays and hospital visits and perhaps trips to the physiotherapist for an exercise treatment plan.

BUT HERE at BLACKSHOTS OSTEOPATHIC CENTRE we work in a very different way. 

We prefer to treat you and your pain holistically. That is to say if you are suffering with a painful wrist , the actual cause might be as far away as in your upper back or neck!

Surprising isn’t it? So if we only treated the painful area we might be missing the actual cause of that pain and be failing to fix the problem. This Osteopathic approach means that we get to the bottom of your pain faster and perhaps ¬†save you all that time being referred here , there and everywhere.

This is how Osteopathy differs from other therapies.

When we’ve taken your full medical history and details of your current problem, we begin to piece together the background factors that may have caused your pain.

There are no magic formulas either. Every case is different depending on lifestyle, health, previous strains or accidents which merely give us clues as to why you are suffering pain.

Our aim is to unravel your story and decipher where the problem actually is. Why not give us a call to arrange an appointment?

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