Why are younger patients coming to our clinic?

Younger patients are attending Blackshot’s Osteopathic Centre with neck and shoulder pain.This blog considers acute and chronic soft tissue conditions that cause neck pain.

Structures of the neck that are likely to cause pain are the zygapophyseal joints, cervical discs, the ligaments and muscles of the neck, and neural structures.


Non specific neck pain can arise under both traumatic and non traumatic conditions.A thorough case history and physical examination is taken to establish the duration and time course of neck pain, mechanisms of injury, and factors that may perpetuate, aggravate or ease the patients discomfort.

By way of example if reading aggravates pain this may indicate that prolonged flexion is aggravating the intervertebral disc or posterior cervical structures such as the neck extensors.If looking up (extension) aggravates the pain, this may suggest zygapophyseal joint involvement.

Occupational factors

Enquiry about the patient’s sport(s), hobbies, and occupation and their relationship to the patient’s neck pain provides our osteopaths with vital information regarding typical postures and movements and loads that your neck is being subjected to, that may contribute to the patient’s ongoing symptoms.

This information can guide the need for an ergonomic evaluation of the work station, or a biomechanical analysis of how the patient carries out their sport.

Treatment of neck pain.

Soft tissue techniques for the treatment of increased muscle tone or trigger points, muscle shortening, scar tissue and fascial tightness.

They may be beneficial in helping the patient relax prior to performing joint mobilisations or manipulations.

To address long- term rehabilitation objectives a carefully selected exercise programme can be discussed.

If you are suffering from neck pain please phone or email to arrange an appointment. Our details can be found on our contact us page.


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